L.A. Co-op Lab 

is a collective that was established in 2015 to explore & invent ways to build L.A.'s capacity for worker ownership as a pathway toward a more equitable and democratic economy.

Our aim is to advance worker ownership as one way to push back against inequality, gentrification, and the gig economy by helping people who are often excluded from good jobs to collectively create their own and meet community needs.
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What L.A. Co-op Lab offers

L.A. Co-op Lab offers education, training, and office hours for all plus radical inclusion benefits for L.A. teams and communities.

Education & Training

We teach classes and workshops that provide aspiring worker-owners and the community at large with the knowledge and tools they need to construct the building blocks of worker cooperatives. Our online classes are open to all interested individuals and teams.

Practical & Hands-on 

Many of the exercises in our classes are designed to prepare co-ops for the kind of questions that would help lenders, members, funders, and the community better understand the the workings of your co-op, its prospects for success, and how capital might be used in service of livelihood.

Office Hours

Whether you are in Los Angeles or any place in the country or the world, you are always welcome to book a free office hour with our team.

Radical Inclusion

We invest additional time and resources in L.os Angeles groups that are comprised of historically under-served populations.

Financing L.A. Co-ops

L.A. Co-op Lab is a founding member of Seed Commons, a financial cooperative that helps cooperatives achieve sustainability with financing and other forms of support. This gives us the ability to make loans to promising worker cooperatives in Los Angeles.

Non-Extractive Lending

Our lending strategy is non-extractive.  We don't require collateral, credit histories, or so-called "character" checks. Coaching is part of the loan process and continues after the loan is funded. Repayment begins after the co-op has reached break-even, is profitable, and has achieved a measure of sustainability. 

Meet Our Staff & Board

Board Secretary 
adriana swain
Communications & Outreach
Co-op Developer &
Board Member
Senior Advisor &
Board Treasurer 
Board Chair
yuki kidokoro
Co-op Developer
Operations Manager &
Board Member 
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Rita Ortiz Contreras